Red Panda Bamboo Dinner

Red Panda Bamboo Dinner, 2015, Orange, Red, Pet, HQ Photo
Red panda bamboo dinner free stock photo

Red pandas love their bamboo. It's their primary food. During the winter they spend up to 13 hours a day to look for food and females eat as much as 20.000 leaves a day. Unline the giant pandas, which eat every part of the bamboo plant, red pandas only eat the leaves and young shoots.

And it might not look like it, but their red fur actually helps them to hide from predators. Among red leaves and moss it is extremely difficult to spot red pandas in ther natural environment.

Red pandas have recently been classified as endangered on the IUCN Red List of endangered species. Poaching and habitat loss are the main reasons for this evaluation. It has been estimated that only about 2500 red pandas are left in the wild.

Check out the Red Panda Network to find out how you can help them:

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