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Visitors do not like big blocks of text

agusptc18 / 2017-11-09 / typography

The block of text basically is the text which is well grouped in some or other way, like with using paragraphs and by the block quotes or text on the Web page. Many times, text takes shape of the square..

Text advertising is the most visible of all types of advertising

agusptc18 / 2017-11-09 / typography

Key fundamentals of the ad copywriting as well as testing stays to be in the play, these text ads now have developed to a point where you should consider various things. Between formatting, devices, ad extensions as well as kind..

Do not use fonts smaller than 12px

agusptc18 / 2017-11-09 / typography

I am not able to tell something surely about this with confidence, but possibly the unique UI locales and their relevant character sets were formed for 12px and more than this. In case the so-call dilemma continues to be left..

Text attracts more attention than graphics

agusptc18 / 2017-11-09 / typography

It is difficult to imagine this world without any text. It borders the roads; it adorns the buildings, books and buses. An image might be really worth the words, but it’s possibly different words for us. Text provides our ideas..