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The menu at the top of the site is one of the most effective

agusptc18 / 2017-11-09 / Structure

Designing the navigation of your website is just similar to laying foundation of your house. However, Failure to the plan of foundation mainly could also put the building at a high risk of collapse, irrespective of the fact that how..

Use white and empty sites on the site

agusptc18 / 2017-11-09 / Structure

Being a designer, I have believed that the whitespace is fundamental for creating the block of great design. This is key portion of a page which is page left unmarked; space between the gutter and the graphics margins. It is..

Competent formatting attracts attention

agusptc18 / 2017-11-09 / Structure

A website designer makes the visual rudiments of the website like layout, image and text formatting, colors, etc. Designer should have a great understanding about fundamentals of designing and should always learn how they can use key designing software. Graphic..