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Volume 1, Issue 1

Summer 1998


A Journal for Friends of Animals

Volume 1, Issue 1

Summer 1988



The lovable llama at Noah's Ark

Animal Farm basks in the sun.


Llamas are lovable - if you treat them well!

Be kind to your llama is a good

rule for all llama owners. Why?

Because the llama is a cooperative

and helpful beast of burden

if treated well, but he becomes

sullen and balkly if mistreated.

Yes, llamas do spit.

But only if you have mistreated

him by overloading with

too much weight (more than 100-

130 pounds) or by asking him to

walk more than 25 miles a day.

Then again, he may spit at you

if you happen to be an uncooperative

female at mating time.

The llama (lama glama is the

scientific name) is a member of

the camel family, which dates

back to the Eocene Period - 40

to 50 million years ago! Unlike

camels, llamas have no hump on

their back, but they do love dry


One natural habitat is the dry

grasslands of the high Andean

region of South America. They

are also found in Bolivia, Peru,

Ecuador, Chile and Argentina.

But the original homeland of

the llama ancestor was North

America. About two million

years ago they began to migrate,

and by the end of the Glacial

Period, the genus Camelops was

extinct in North America.

The llama was probably domesticated

during or before Inca

civilization, and it is not known

to exist in the wild today. Primarily

the llama has been used

as a pack animal, however,

llamas are also used as a source

of food, wool, hides, tallow for

candles and dried dung for fuel.

The wool from its soft undercoat

is used for clothing,

Usually, the llama is white,

but it can be black or brown, or

white with dark markings.

Only one offspring a year is

born - rarely twins - after a

gestation period of about 11



A letter from Dan Byler

In the beginning ...

Many people ask, how did you

come up with the idea of an

Animal Farm?

My wife Edna, and I have a

company called By-Line Mfg. &

Uphol. Inc. that manufactures a

product called Pad-A-Pew, which

we market to churches nationwide.

We install this unique

product on hard church pews,

right on location.

In the early years of the company,

Edna and I and our sons

travelled all across America

installing Pad-A-Pew. We came

across small theme parks, such

as Pymatuning Deer Park in

(continued on page 2)



Miniature trains turn

back time - page 2

Beautiful baby bears!!


Draw baby bears

Miniature golf - page 4

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