In and beyond Abell 1367. (Manually added Galaxy distances)

In and beyond Abell 1367. (Manually added Galaxy distances), Abell, Cluster, Constant, Galaxy, HQ Photo
In and beyond abell 1367. (manually added galaxy distances) free stock photo

This Galaxy cluster in "Leo's Tail" at 350 Million Lightyears is shown here with Annotated PGC Galaxy Numbers with Their calculated Distances. (It is a big image, so best viewed at full resolution, click here for the Flickr full res:


Image dates: 5,6,16,17,18 april 2018.

Esprit 100 refractor/ QHY16200 CCD @ -20C

2 x Drizzle was used in APP (and a crop)


Platesolved in PI and Annotated with PGC catalog. The 290 PGC Galaxy numbers where used to find the "Modz" (Cosmological distance modulus) in the Hyperleda database:


The modz value was converted to Megaparsecs:

And finally converted to Million Lightyears and added with the PI Procees, Painting, Annotation Tool.


Only after adding the distances it becomes clear that there are 3 distinct "levels", first the 350 Million lightyears for Abell 1367 members, second a group at around 1500 Million LJ and third a group at around 2500 Million LJ. And many, many more at greater distances (not in the PGC catalogue)


Knight Observatory, Tomar.

Free high resolution images in and beyond abell 1367. (manually added galaxy distances), abell, cluster, constant, galaxy, leo.
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