Bellingham, WA Police Ford Police Utility (9096)

Bellingham, WA Police Ford Police Utility (9096), Bellingham, Pacific Northwest, Whelen Legacy, Whelen, HQ Photo
Bellingham, wa police ford police utility (9096) free stock photo

A Bellingham Police unit at the Barkley Village Haggen investigating a death reported by Fire and EMS. It was determined the individual had pre-existing medical conditions and the death was naturally caused.


This unit responded with the Tahoe I shot on the same day. Both were on the side of the building doing an investigation.


Despite my efforts to keep an open eye, the new Explorers/Utilities are absurdly difficult to catch with their lights on. BPD seems to have some policy to minimize their presence at incidents to the public (which is probably an okay thing), but these particular new vehicles have some neat hideaway lights that I'd love to show off, but have yet to see when I have a camera handy.

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